Hey! My name is Cara-Leigh and I am the face behind Waffle and Neep. I’ve secretly (ok not so secretly) wanted to create a blog and business for a long time, but I never quite found the right thing to conquer. I’ve always been a crafter, I’ve swam in the lake of doll making, jewellery, crochet, knitting, pajaki, soutache and illustration. Honestly you name it, I’ve probably tried it at some point! Towards the end of 2018 I became obsessed with bow making, which somehow morphed into a fascination with felt flowers. So now I spend most of my time creating hair accessories from felt.


I currently live in the good old Shire in the UK with my husband and two (cute but maniacal) children Saul and Freya. Aka Waffle and Neep. I’m a huge history enthusiast which has lead to studying for my BA in Arts and Humanities with a specialist in History. I also love nature, I’m very fortunate to live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by fields after fields. I used to want to live somewhere busier but the older I’ve become the more I value quiet and natural beauty.


Waffle and Neep is designed to share my creativity and ideas. As a great lover of nature Waffle and Neep is full of inspiration from the outdoors but with a little twist of bright colour and I’m known to add glitter to a few things. Ok, most things. I can’t wait to get going on this little craft journey, Don’t forget to follow me on social media, I’d love to hear from you!